On the night of February 20th, Todd and Carter were fortunate to attend ABC Delaware’s Networking Night at Lefty’s Alley and Eats in Lewes, DE. Blue Rock 401k Group is a supporting member of ABC Delaware and has been the #1 sponsor of this event for the last 3 years. As a leading sponsor of ABC Delaware, we aim to help owner’s ensure growth and retention of employees over time. This is done through constructing, implementing, and monitoring successful retirement plans for companies of all sizes.

Today, it is common to see more companies offering 401k services over pension plans due to the liability reduction for employers. Back in the day when a company offered a defined benefit plan for employees, these funds were taken from the company’s net income, leading to less profitability for the business. As a result of this burden, the 401k fund was created in the early 1980’s, shifting the investment risk from employers to employees. This action allowed for firms to provide their employees with a substantial benefit, while not losing out on profit. With a greater portion of retirement plans today being 401k’s, Blue Rock 401k Group works in this space to provide fiduciary services to those organizations seeking a well-designed retirement plan. Being that there are four parties to a 401k a plan (administrator, record keeper, advisor, and the funds themselves) it is important to have a fiduciary provider to perform the necessary diligence to create a lucrative retirement. Using a fiduciary will propel both business owners and their employees on a successful path to retirement. As we build a stronger relationship with our clients through time, we continue to inform and support the plan participants with valuable information to prepare for future retirement.

As an extension of Blue Rock 401k Group, Blue Rock Dravo Bay offers financial planning services to both business leaders and individuals in this industry. One of our many goals is to educate and be a guide for those whom we work with. We have offered classes surrounding financial planning to ABC members in the past to provide them with a more knowledgeable background on the vast and often complicated aspects of personal financial planning and helpful tips regarding how to ensure a fruitful retirement. If you find that your company is in need of a fiduciary plan sponsor, please feel free to reach out for a call with one of our advisors.