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We are Financial Planners, Advocates, Friends and Fiduciaries. Communication and trust is at the heart of our practice and is our reputation. We are genuinely dedicated to developing and maintaining long-term relationships by standing with you when you need support the most. We understand you, your needs and your fears, even when you may not be able to put them into words. While your financial priorities such as college planning, retirement, or creating a family legacy will evolve over time, have confidence in knowing we have extensive experience with all of these areas and beyond.


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For Individuals

Imagine your financial anxiety is limited. How and where would you spend your time? Our financial advice is centered around your unique goals and objectives, not ours. We provide clients access to the very best industry resources and technology, all while delivering personal, customized service. We take the time to explain relevant details in layman’s terms and relieve stress by implementing the logistical parts of your plan on your behalf. Finally, a well-defined and consistent review process allows you to turn your focus on whatever matters most to you.


For Businesses

The term Business Owner comes with many meanings and typically many hats. Aside from doing Financial Planning for these individuals we also assist owners and their teams with the implementation of their 401k and retirement plans. Our dedication and guidance will provide you with a detail-oriented process for investment selection, management of fiduciary duties and fee benchmarking. We work with companies of all sizes to not only focus on your Plan Sponsor duties but also your Participant’s success. Each company’s goals and objectives are slightly different. Click here to learn more about Blue Rock 401k Group.


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Financial Planning “Todd Talk”

Please join us for our next Financial Planning Todd Talk on July 16th at 11 AM

Topic: 2020 Economic Outlook

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Why Asset Location Matters To Your Portfolio

In an earlier blog discussing the importance of proactive tax planning, we explained how we integrate tax planning into our clients’ financial plans. Successful tax planning results in more money in your pocket every April, and under normal...

2020 Delaware Estimated Quarter 2 Tax Payments are Due June 15

Self-employed Delawareans – do you know when your 2020 quarterly estimated taxes are due? This year has been quite odd as it’s June 12 and we haven’t filed taxes yet. As we dive further into 2020 the question is, what does this mean for those who...

Why Now is The Perfect Time for Plan Sponsors to Review their 401k Plan

This month our Financial Planning “Todd Talk” went virtual, via Zoom, for the first time ever. As we are all navigating the changes brought upon us from COVID-19 we had a chance to focus on most people’s largest asset in retirement, their 401k. This month’s topic was...

How To Navigate Asset Management and Financial Planning

Do you know the difference between asset management and financial planning? If yes, can you articulate why both are a necessary part of an overall wealth management strategy? Today we’ll arm you with the basics and some analogies that make it...

Is 2020 a Good Year for a Roth Conversion?

As we write this article in the midst of the global Coronavirus pandemic, most of the world is sheltering in place at home. While the long term economic impacts of the pandemic are unknown, our fundamental approach to wealth management has not...

COVID-19 Stimulus Bill – CARES Act: Top 10 Changes to Know

With the recent passing of the CARES Act in response to the COVID-19 virus, we wanted to take the time to bring you a detailed overview of the Act and what this could mean for you!   What is the CARES Act? The CARES Act is a 2 trillion-dollar...

Coronavirus (COVID-19): What Does This Mean For You?

We are in the midst of unrivaled fear and uncertainty. We don’t know when the market is going to recover, what the future of the economy will be like, how healthcare will handle the increased capacity, and when there will be a cure for COVID-19....

Why Proactive Tax Planning is Key to A Strong Financial Plan

Taxes are often thought about as a once-per-year sprint to file by April 15, but taxes play a much bigger role in your life than that. Taxes touch every aspect of your financial plan from how you save to how you invest to how you spend money.  All...

ABC Delaware Networking Night

On the night of February 20th, Todd and Carter were fortunate to attend ABC Delaware’s Networking Night at Lefty’s Alley and Eats in Lewes, DE. Blue Rock 401k Group is a supporting member of ABC Delaware and has been the #1 sponsor of this event for the last 3 years....

ABC Breakfast – New Delaware Healthcare Initiative

Individuals listed in the picture from left to right are as follows: Steve Lex, Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester, Todd Roselle, Howard “Lew” Morrison. Steve is a member of ABC and is Vice President of Pettinaro Construction Inc. Since 2017, Congresswoman Lisa Blunt...

Where is Dravo Bay? 

Our name, Dravo Bay, is derived from our two locations. "Dravo" (Pronounced Drah - vo) comes from Dravo Plaza which sits in the heart of the Wilmington Riverfront. During the 1940s, Dravo Shipyard bustled with over 11,000 workers focused on building ships to support the US during World War II. The second half of the name, Bay, comes from the address of our Rehoboth office. This office opened in January 2018 and sits on Bay Vista Road in Rehoboth.

Blue Rock Financial

1 Avenue of the Arts Suite A, Wilmington, DE 19801, USA

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Blue Rock Dravo Bay- Blue Rock Financial

20245 Bay Vista Rd #103, Dewey Beach, DE 19971, USA

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Blue Rock Financial

1 Avenue of the Arts Suite A, Wilmington, DE 19801, USA

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Blue Rock Dravo Bay- Blue Rock Financial

20245 Bay Vista Rd #103, Dewey Beach, DE 19971, USA

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