Asset Management

When it comes to our investment approach and philosophy we believe in the bigger picture of the long-term potential of the markets. Rather than attempting to predict the future of how any one area of the market will perform we take a disciplined and systematic approach to investments based on principals of Nobel-Prize winning research. We work to maximize return for each investor’s given level of risk to create an efficient portfolio that takes into consideration your time horizon and personal financial goals. We’re not necessarily trying to beat the market through investment management alone. Instead, we believe that adhering to a well-diversified portfolio, keeping costs low, and track what the market will return over an extended period of time to produce consistent results clients desire. Our investment philosophy is fluid. We do know that fund managers historically don’t outperform the indices they’re measured against. We believe that investing overall, when done methodically, is largely boring. Our thought process when investing is that we want the portfolios we create to behave a certain way. We assess the behavior of the investments more so than the performance. If a portfolio is behaving as it was intended that’s of primary importance. We create portfolios in a bucket approach so when the assets are needed, they are available. Some portfolios may be conservative while others are slightly more aggressive. This allows us to sell high to provide income to clients from their investments. After all, we’ve saved all these years so we can eventually spend what we’ve saved. The true science of investing is achieved through routine behavior and the ability to strategically distribute assets from a well-behaved portfolio when needed.


Todd Roselle, CFP®, ChFC®


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