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About the Financial Planning “Todd Talk”

Join us as we discuss property and casualty insurance for high net worth individuals. During this webinar you will learn the following:

  • Understand how not having the proper coverage amounts could backfire.
  • Is a personal liability umbrella something you should consider?
  • Do you need flood insurance for your second homes/beach homes?
  • How to save money and not compromise coverage limits by knowing how and when to appropriately shop coverage.
  • Detailing appropriate limits for covering jewelry, fine arts, wine collections, and sports memorabilia.

Our industry expert joining us is Tom Hernan, LUTCF who is the founder of Blue Hen Insurance. Blue Hen Insurance focuses on families’ and individuals’ personal insurance needs. As a specialists in the insurance marketplace, his #1 goal is to provide Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey residents customized insurance plans from top-rated insurance providers.



Join Us April 29th 11:00AM

 Property & Casualty Insurance For High Net Worth Individuals  

Todd Roselle, CFP® CHFC®



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